We are pleased to announce that Drs. Heidi Berger and Clint Meyer have received an MAA NREUP grant for summer 2013.  The program is an MAA activity funded by NSA (grant H98230-13-1-0270) and NSF (grant DMS-1156582).  

The grant will provide support for five Simpson undergraduates:  Hannah Longstreet, Tony Saucedo, Lauren Tirado, Demetre Van Arsdale, and Grace Williams.  The students participating in this interdisciplinary project will apply differential equations and biostatistics to model prairie restoration in Nebraska.  We are interested in how restoration management decisions on planted seed diversity impact insect diversity.  For the first problem, students will analyze data collected in 2012 and use ordination techniques to assess community-wide responses of invertebrates to planted seed diversity.  In the second problem, students will develop a system of differential equations to model invertebrate richness and plant richness. 

For more information on the NREUP program see:  http://www.maa.org/nreup/ 

Visit our web page: Simpson College Math at simpson.edu/math

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